Here you can find links to some of our favourite yoga people and places:

Yoga Rocks

We have spent the last two Summers catering for yoga groups at the amazing Yoga Rocks Retreat Centre on the South Coast of Crete. Helen and Phil are consummate hosts and bring in some of the best teachers from all over the World to teach retreats from May to October.

Yoga Jo's

Yoga Jo's is a dedicated yoga studio in Milngavie that supports the whole community. Melissa teaches there regularly and we also provide lunches for their workshops, events and Glasgow yoga teacher training course.


Morag Riddet

We love Morag! Her massage and reflexology treatments are fantastic and we get regular treatments from her here in Glasgow.

Steve Bracken

Steve is another therapist we met at Yoga Rocks. He has magical healing hands and we get treatments with him whenever we can see him, which is difficult as he always seems to be sharing his talents in far flung beautiful places.

The Fire Within

Our lovely friend Kaia runs this wonderful therapy centre offering Holistic Massage, Reiki, Aromatherapy and other therapies in Paisley, Glasgow.


Aromatherapy and Massage in Czech Republic

Lindsey Docherty Osteopath: Glasgow

If you are looking for a great osteopath in Glasgow then we highly recommend Lindsey. She treats Melissa and I regularly and with great skill and care.

Yoga Teachers

Sarah-Jane Rawkins

SJ is a great friend of ours and a wonderful teacher. She is an Iyengar teacher with a great knowledge of anatomy and physiology and her warmth and energy comes across at all times. She is teaching mainly in her new iyengar yoga studio in Nieuw Vennep, just outside Amsterdam, but can be found on retreat in Scotland and Crete.


As well as being our teacher and friend, Sky also conducted our wedding ceremony in Crete last year. His style of teaching is magical, spontaneous and inspirational and inevitably leads to laughter, joy and tears, usually all in the same class. Based in Bali and Sweden, his schedule takes him all over Europe with retreats and workshops, so if he's coming to teach near you, then we definitely recommend that you go and see him! He also runs an annual yoga teacher training in Sweden and Bali.

David Lurey & Miriam Wagner

David is a teacher, musician and all round good guy. He regularly comes to Yoga Rocks, bringing his unique blend of dynamic teachings and playful fun-loving attitude that make for good times all round. His lovely wife Miriam often accompanies him, bringing warmth, heart and rejuventaing yin yoga. We love them both.

Jonni-Lynn Friel

Jonni-Lyn, quite simply, is AWESOME! She's originally from Newfoundland, she teaches yoga and pilates too, she's a hippy at heart and she will make you LAUGH till your sides hurt. If you live in Athens, or are just on holiday there, you should seek her out.

Isaac Mullins

Isaac is a great friend of ours and brings real compassion and warmth to his well-balanced classes. He teaches in London and on retreat around Europe. He is also an extremely talented song-writer to boot!


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