"If it was possible to describe 'heaven' with words, they could also be used for eating food prepared by The Yoga Kitchen!  You can expect a true delight to the all the senses when Melissa and Dan are whipping up their culinary concoctions and the concept of eating with moderation will be deeply tested due to the high delicious factor.  I have led two retreats with these two in the kitchen and the flavor, presentation and nutritional value are all matched by the apparent love and care put in to the meals."
David Lurey
Global Yogi

"Thank you for providing such wonderful meals for the program this past weekend. It was really what I wanted: fresh, full of zest, flavour, texture and nice and sustaining for people participating in quite a full-on program! I look forward to sharing in Glasgow again and hope that we can collaborate like this again." 
James Boag, Merchant City Glasgow Workshop,  June 2013

"Melissa and Dan have cooked for my Yoga retreats in Crete, Greece over the last few years. Everyone at the retreats as well as myself found their food extraordinary, beautifully prepared, delicious and perfect for Yogis and health conscious people. I highly recommend their brilliant work! "
Danny Paradise 
June 12/2013

Dan and Melissa. 
Met these wonderful people on yoga teacher training in Goa. (not just 'caterers either: a yoga teacher and a poet). 
The food was incredible.
four weeks with no discernible repetition...just excellent, wholesome, nutricious meals. Quality ingredients, clearly sourced, prepared and delivered with love.
Thank you guys for keeing us so well fed. It was a treat....cook for me anytime.
big love
Richard Harding

The Yoga kitchen catered for us on a recent yoga training course in India. Over 4 weeks we were fed really good fresh and healthy food. There was a lot of variety, stunning flavours and beautiful presentation. Dan and Melissa are lovely people and it was a joy to share this time with them and to be fed so well - have never been so healthy!! 5stars
Louise Cook

Can't recommend highly enough. Super healthy tasty food. Pop up restaurant is better than any place I've eaten in. Laughing, eating great food and drinking with friends, a great night. Thank you for doing what you do xx 5stars
Frances Mullen

The best retreat chefs I have ever worked with! Thanks again for being our chefs at the YHM yoga teacher training in Goa this year. The feedback for the food is 5 stars out of a possible 5! Great food by great people!
Steve Bracken of Yoga Health Mandala

I Like! and i can't wait to EAT
Jonni-Lyn Friel

Love it, and love you guys! Thank you for sharing your yumminess!
Andrea Lock

Hi Dan and Melissa, I've just got back from Yogarocks and didn't get to say goodbye to you both. Your food was so wonderful: I'm inspired and can't wait to try some of your recipies. Thankyou for all the love and care you put into feeding us: I feel truly nourished. Love and light , Jane x
Jane Briggs

hey guys just made some energy balls. they are yummy. thanks forthe lovely recipe xx
Eva Forrester

Olga Pavli

Thanks so much for the many many carrots :)
Peter Glueckstadt

Hi Melissa and Dan, thanks again for the great food last week, it was amazing!! For sure I will try some things here! I would love to get the beetroot soup recipe please!
Christine Czaba

Dear Dan & Melissa,
Thank you for all the GREAT food you made for us during last week at Yoga Rocks. I was so inpired to eat better. Thanks for the love.
Sofia Saile

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Celebrity Chef Paul Rankin talking about yoga and our food (2:30) at Yoga Rocks, Crete.