Amaranth, Coconut and Oat Cruesli

Our favourite breakfast cereal - but a treat at any time of the day!


200g Amaranth (Popped -see below) 
400g Whole Oats
100g Flame Raisins
100g Desiccated Coconut
50g Sunflower Seeds
Knob of Butter
100g Honey 

Optional Extras:
Dried Cranberries, Cherries or Figs
Crushed Walnuts


Toasting the Oats

In a large bowl rub the butter and honey well into the oats. Spread them evenly onto greaseproof paper in a large baking tray and put in the oven to toast at a low heat (300F/150C) for around 20 minutes. Be careful to keep an eye on them though as once they begin to toast they can burn very quickly. I like to check them after about 10 minutes and turn them over a little. Once they begin to get a little crisp and smell delicious, then they're done. You can also add the sunflower seeds for the last 5 minutes if you like them toasted!

Popping Amaranth

This is great fun to do. Find a large pan or skillet for which you have a glass or perspex lid and heat it over a medium heat on the hob for 30 seconds. Once its heated up, throw in a handful of amaranth (enough to cover the bottom of the pan) and put the lid back on quickly. Within a few seconds they should all start to pop like crazy against the lid - just like making popcorn. As soon as they're all popped, which will only take 30-40 seconds empty them out into a bowl and repeat the process until all the amaranth is used up.

Putting it all together

Now that you have your basic ingredients made, treat yourself to a nice cup of tea while they cool a little then you have the simple task of mixing them together with the dried fruit and coconut and you're all done! Keep it stored in an airtight container and serve with ice-cold milk or greek yoghurt and honey or maybe even both! Yummers!