The Spirit of Fire - Nourish Your Heart with Melissa Corazón and Rona Golsworthy

The Spirit of Fire - Nourish Your Heart with Melissa Corazón and Rona Golsworthy

13/07/2019 From: 10:30  - 16:30

The Spirit of Fire - Nourish Your Heart

Join Melissa and Rona for this nourishing day of yin yoga, relaxation, partner work, self massage and seasonal tips from the 5-elements theory.

The day will include two yin yoga sessions with the focus on the heart centre, as the heart is the organ associated with mid-Summer. The heart needs grounding, cooling and calming practices. So the yoga will be a balance of grounding postures focused on the hips, legs and feet and postures that stimulate the heart meridian lines. The heart channels flow through the hands and arms, so we will work with mudra and flowing movements with the arms, as well as chest opening postures. There will be a talk on the energetic qualities associated with the heart and techniques on how to stay in balance during the summer months.

Students will learn seasonal self-care practises that they can take away and add into their daily routine and share with others. The session will end with a meditation focused on the heart centre and bringing in the quality of peaceful joy.

The day will also include a hot seasonal lunch, provided by the Yoga Kitchen.

Who is this Day Retreat for: The Day Retreat is suitable for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of Yin Yoga and the 5 Element Theory and anyone looking to learn practices to help support their own health. It will also be useful for teachers and students looking to better understand how we can affect the energetic pathways in the body through yin yoga and how to adapt your yoga practice/classes to suit the season.

Numbers are limited so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

The cost is £65

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